• September Update


    I love this time of your. The bees come out of their winter slow down, animals are lively and creating young, plants are budding. The days are starting to grow longer. There’s so much life, activity and potential being thrust into the world.

    We have a lot of lavender in the yard and I’ve noticed the bee activity has started to increase. They love the pink lavender so much that the plant looks like it’s alive with their movement. The roses have started, the stone fruit trees have burst into flower. The Australian natives started flowering in winter and have moved into the deeper colours that arrive with spring.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the bluebells. They’re possibly my favourite plant in the garden. They appear for such a short time every year, but absolutely adore them.

    It’s sowing time for lots of vegetables. Lots of things to be done, or needing attention outside.

    Fingers crossed the spring fever infuses me and I can get Addy finished soon!!

    Take care.

    L. x

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Writing Update:

Addy, the second book in the Bridesmaid Collection of romantic comedies. Hoping to get a first chapter up here soon.

ETA on Addy: First draft is 68% completed. I’m terribly inconsistent with pace, so that will not tell you, or me, anything useful. Too early to guess, but it’s definitely getting there.

Excitingly, I have mapped out the storylines for the next two books in this series!

Discovering Ellie is the second of the Scottish Legacy Collection. Magical realism romance with a dual timelines and a true story at the heart of it.

ETA on Discovering Ellie: First draft is 49% done. Too early to guess for this one as well.

Books 1 and 3 in the White Stag series. I started with Cassandra before I realised the concept was bigger than a single story. These will be a series of magical realism, women’s fiction with a touch of romance thrown in.

The idea for this one has been ticking along slowly for almost ten years now.

Louise Rotondo