Happy Easter to those celebrating the upcoming Orthodox Easter. I’m in awe of the fasting sacrifices that happen in the month leading up to the Orthodox Easter. Well done.

As always, lots of news on the writing front. The first draft of Alex has been completed. Next steps will be refining it to be ready to go to the proofreader.

Addy has had the finishing touches applied. My Editor-in-chief was extremely helpful, as always.

Whilst Addy is ready to publish, I have made the decision to hold off publishing for maybe a month. I’m committed to creating the best reading experience I can, and as a result, I want to do a second edition of Ariadne. It was never meant to be the first book in a series and before I throw the rest of the series out there, I want to make sure the linkage is there as a series. Fingers crossed it and Addy will be available to purchase at the end of May.

That shouldn’t slow down the release of Alex which I’d intended for the end of June. If it does, I’d rather give you a quality read than rush it and give you something I’m not happy with.

There’s also been a slight tweak on the covers:

Clicking on the hearts above will allow you to read the first chapters of both books.

Here’s to another busy month in May!

Take care.

L. x

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