April Update

April Update

Happy Easter!!

In whichever form you’re celebrating this season, may it be joyous and all that you could ask.

I find the time of rebirth and new beginnings in nature amazing. That each plant and animal seems to have a seasonal trigger quite boggles my mind. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s not so much about rebirth, but slowing down and preparing for winter where everything takes a break.

The weather at this time of year is magical. The skies are clear blue and the air holds a touch of crispness, beckoning people outside to enjoy the last of the pleasant outdoor times before winter settles for a few months.

Things outside of writing have been crazily busy, with the result that there’s been no changes there from last month. I’m hoping that the slow down period will apply to me as well and I can settle and refocus.

Until next time, enjoy the season and take care.

L. x

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