August Update

We’re into the final month of winter, and this is the month when the cold, westerly winds start. Definitely a time to bundle up, grab a book with a hot drink and snuggle in.

As much as I love winter, towards the end, the vitality of spring takes hold and I want to be out creating things and enjoying the sunshine. Whatever energises plants seems to take hold of me as well at the end of August, with an initial burst of energy to get things done.

The tussle between rest and create can be challenging at the end of winter if the weather doesn’t allow outside activity. But for now, it’s snuggle up and enjoy the last of the slowdown period.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and your summer is coming to an end, I hope you enjoy the final moments as the wind down into autumn begins.

Take care.

L. x

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Louise Rotondo