Ariadne – Book 1 Reluctant Bridesmaid Collection

Book 1 Bridesmaid Collection

Hilarity & romance ensue when ariadne agrees to be a bridesmaid for her sister

A hot best man.

An over-the-top wedding.

A meddling grandmother with a wicked sense of humour.

When Ariadne agreed to be the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding, nothing could have prepared her for the reality of what that would entail. When she and the best man, Zac, meet there’s fireworks, and not of the good kind. When Zac then pops up in her work place, she’s in trouble. Regarded by her colleagues as the ‘Ice Princess’, Ariadne’s never had any problem ignoring male attention, but when she ends up working alongside the funny and sexy-as-hell Zac, her defences start to crumble. Up close and personal with the wedding preparations may prove to be the final straw.

As the sexual tension between the pair ramps up, they find themselves in a series of hilarious predicaments as they dodge and weave the jealousies and rivalries of their colleagues, as well as the well-meaning interference of Ariadne’s outspoken and highly unpredictable grandmother.

Is Ariadne prepared to take a chance?

“A good laugh and the sexual chemistry between the pair is palpable! Loved Granny Maude!!”

Chapter One Ariadne

The reluctant Bridesmaid Collection

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride definitely doesn’t apply to the Abraham sisters! 

Reluctantly agreeing to be bridesmaids for friends or family, four of the Abraham sisters individually find themselves in an hilarious adventure that ends with their own happy ever after when they’re least expecting it.

If you like sweet but steamy, funny but also tender, then The Bridesmaid Collection is for you. 

Keep an eye out for the incorrigible Granny Maude as she weaves her own path of mischief and mayhem through the series. 

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