Bilgarra Springs Trilogy Boxed Set

Boxed Set Bilgarra Springs Trilogy


Following the death of her grandmother, Aurora finds herself at Bilgarra Springs for a month. She finds herself physically and mentally pushed past limits she never knew existed and is forced to confront the demons of her own past. Unaware of the connection between Bilgarra Springs and her grandmother until her arrival, Aurora also learns her grandmother’s secret that shakes the foundations of the family history as she knew it.

Is anything really ever as it seems?

Join Aurora in Outback Australia as she uncovers a family mystery, finding herself and something special along the way.

Chapter One Bilgarra Springs

Bilgarra Springs Trilogy

Join Aurora in an Australian Outback romance trilogy that explores the impacts of family secrets and a path to healing.

Individual novels in the Bilgarra Springs Trilogy

Book 1 Bilgarra Springs Trilogy
Book 2 Bilgarra Springs Trilogy
Book 3 Bilgarra Springs Trilogy

Louise Rotondo