Rocky Creek – Book 1 Rocky Creek Duology

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Book 1 Rocky Creek Duology


A chance comment, a life turned upside down…

Eamon’s life was settled and predictable, happily so, until he’s confused with someone else and a strange conversation gives more questions than answers. Unable to ignore the inconsistencies, he start’s digging into his family’s history.

As he delves into the past he uncovers secrets, a tragic love affair, a disagreement that tore the family apart, and the incredible bond of friendship between two women that survived it all despite the odds.

Can he right the wrongs after all these years?

Chapter One Rocky Creek

Rocky creek Duology

The Rocky Creek Duology showcases the power of women’s friendship, changing societal norms and the damage a secret can do to a family, but also the power of forgiveness.

The Rocky Creek Duology books are a set in their own right, but also offer related content to The Bilgarra Springs Trilogy where some of the characters make an appearance courtesy of Aurora’s friendship with Libby and Eamon.

Sequel to Rocky Creek

Sequel to Rocky Creek

No publication date as yet

The cat that saved a friendship

Marigold the Cat is the sequel to Rocky Creek and tells the story of how a stray cat saves Elena and Laura’s friendship when all the trouble first began. 

Chapter One Marigold the Cat

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