Violette – Book 3 Bilgarra Springs Trilogy

Book 3 Bilgarra Springs Trilogy


An idyllic holiday to Sydney in the harbourside home of Aurora’s family is shattered when a near accident reveals one of the house’s long-held secrets. The surprises continue when a chance meeting with the neighbour, Violette, allows a glimpse into the turbulent years of Isabella’s early married life and sparks a journey of discovery for Aurora and Callan, shedding more light on the circumstances over sixty years earlier that tied their families together.

The past continues to reach out and touch the present as Aurora discovers the agony wrought by past decisions that lurked beneath the glitz and glamour of her grandparents’ public life. A tragedy at Bilgarra Springs unearths the final pieces in the haunting mystery, completing a tale of tremendous love and highlighting the power of forgiveness.

Is anything really ever as it seems…?

Join Aurora and Callan in the final instalment in the Bilgarra Springs Trilogy.

Chapter One Violette

Bilgarra Springs Trilogy

Join Aurora in an Australian Outback romance trilogy that explores the impacts of family secrets and a path to healing.

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