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  • December Update

    December Update

    Happy Yule! There seems to be magic in the air as one year passes into another. A collective sigh as one year winds down and ripples of excitement at the potential of the New Year. Reflecting, as one tends to do at the end of the year, this year has been another mixed bag. Exciting…

  • November Update

    November Update

    Farewell Dear Friend… It was with a heavy heart that my family and I attended the funeral of a close friend yesterday. I was pleased for her sake that she didn’t face a long, drawn out illness. She was vibrant and active and would have hated that. Selfishly though, I wasn’t ready to let go.…

  • October Update

    October Update

    Time to Flourish! The weather here is always unpredictable at the change of seasons. It warms up, then it cools down again. Then we get a temporary heatwave and the winter sheets and blankets come off the bed before another late cold snap comes through. Everybody ends up confused, including the wildlife and the plants.…

  • September Update

    September Update

    Spring!! I love this time of your. The bees come out of their winter slow down, animals are lively and creating young, plants are budding. The days are starting to grow longer. There’s so much life, activity and potential being thrust into the world. We have a lot of lavender in the yard and I’ve…

  • August Update

    August Update

    We’re into the final month of winter, and this is the month when the cold, westerly winds start. Definitely a time to bundle up, grab a book with a hot drink and snuggle in. As much as I love winter, towards the end, the vitality of spring takes hold and I want to be out…

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