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  • March Update

    March Update

    Happy St Patrick’s Day I realise she isn’t technically a leprechaun, but she is super cute and I couldn’t resist. In the way of all writers, I’ve chosen to go with a slight twist on the normal state of affairs! The turn of the seasons is a busy time. For Australia, we’re coming out of…

  • February Update

    February Update

    Happy Valentine’s Day It’s that time of the year when the stories of St Valentine and the fulfilment of young and forbidden love come out. The stories of bravery and love conquering all spread like wildfire. I’m not going to lie, I’m a novelist and I LOVE all the theatrics. The giddying excitement of teenage…

  • January Update

    January  Update

    Happy New Year!! There’s always something special about the start of a New Year. Logic says there’s nothing exceptional that takes place in that brief period between 11:59p.m. and 12:00a.m. and yet, defying all logic, there is for billions of people across the world. Personally, I like the momentum of the beginning of January. In…

  • November & December Update

    November & December Update

    The past two months seem to have flown by. We’re at New Year’s Eve already in Australia. The whole year seems to have passed in a blur. The focus in November and December has been firmly on family with visits and Christmas incorporating the usual social gatherings, hours of cooking, overeating and the odd whisky…

  • October update

    October update

    The roses are going crazy! I’ve positioned my desk so that I look out at the rose garden and at the moment it is gorgeous. The weather seemed to go from zero to thirty (celsius) overnight so it’s out of the winter clothes and into the summer ones. We have three hares that visit and…

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