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  • June/July Update

    June/July Update

    Not sure about everybody else, but June and July have been super busy and felt a lot like the craziness in the lead up to Christmas. So much to do and so little time. We’ve had an unusual cold snap in South East Queensland which has also slowed things down. Living on a mountain range,…

  • May Writing Update

    May Writing Update

    Website update is nearly finished – Yay!! It’s starting to come together nicely. The most exciting news this month, for me anyway, is that I’m back writing. Once I get out of the habit it’s a hard one to get back into. Surprisingly, I’ve made good progress on the second book in the Bridesmaid Collection,…

  • April Writing Update

    April Writing Update

    The years seems to be slipping past rapidly- it’s almost the end of April. I used to be sceptical of my grandmother’s words when she repeatedly maintained that time went faster as one got older but it’s come to a point where I think she may be right. The end of March was the ten…

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