December Update

December Update

There seems to be magic in the air as one year passes into another. A collective sigh as one year winds down and ripples of excitement at the potential of the New Year.

Reflecting, as one tends to do at the end of the year, this year has been another mixed bag. Exciting news of family engagements and new beginnings, as well as sadness at the passing of people both close and dear.

Looking back, I didn’t manage to finish the numerous half-finished novels as I’d hoped, but I did make some progress, and I’ll take that as a win, all things considered.

I’m looking forward to a few weeks of downtime before the New Year when I fully expect the crazy cycle of life to begin again with gusto.

Stay safe all and in whatever form your end-of-year celebration takes place, may it be filled with things that bring you joy.

L. x

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