We’re at the end of February. The year seems to be flying by. I find February always fun. It’s slightly shorter than the other months and St Valentine’s Day in the middle adds a bit of quirkiness.

On the writing front, the frenetic pace has continued. The four books below will be individual novels, with a boxed set of the four available when all been published.

In the upcoming month, Ariadne will be undergoing a few tiny tweaks. I’m aiming to release a second edition at the same time that Addy is released.

For those seeking a refresher or a glimpse of Ariadne & Zac’s story, clicking on the heart below will take you to Chapter One.

While Addy is with the proofreader, the layout will be happening in the background in preparation for publishing.

If you’re chasing a sneak peek at Addy & Cooper’s story, clicking on the heart below will take you to a draft version of Chapter One.

Writing Alex is progressing remarkably well, and I’m way ahead of schedule with the writing component. I’m extremely pleased with how this is coming along.

The story for Angel has been coming together in the background as I write Alex. Fingers crossed this will make writing Alex fairly quick.

In the background, a series about the three Abraham Brothers has been coming together, but I’ll leave that news for a little further down the track!

As always, until next time, take care!

L. x

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