January ’24

I was pleased to welcome 2024 as 2023 seemed to be a long, hard year.

There was, however, a bright spot to finish out 2023: Addy has been finished! At the beginning of December, I would never have imagined that by the end of that month I would have a finished draft.

With the completion of Addy, I’ve chosen to redo the cover for Ariadne, as well as the intended covers for the upcoming Alex and Angel.

I seem to have rediscovered my writing mojo and have started work on Alex. Tentatively, I’ve set myself a publishing target of 30 April, ’24 for Addy.

Hopefully, Angel won’t be too far behind. Fingers crossed for end of July.

I’m having fun with this series and it feels truly wonderful to be back writing at full speed, my head full of the fabulous adventures my characters are having.

I wish all a productive and happy year.

Stay safe.


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Louise Rotondo