January Update

Happy New Year!!

There’s always something special about the start of a New Year. Logic says there’s nothing exceptional that takes place in that brief period between 11:59p.m. and 12:00a.m. and yet, defying all logic, there is for billions of people across the world.

Personally, I like the momentum of the beginning of January. In terms of mindset, I move from the lull and stagnation of the period between Christmas and New Year to planning for the next twelve months. Setting out goals, family activities, noting birthdays and reminders for the year always fills me with energy and enthusiasm. There’s a brief pause at the beginning, before everything begins again in earnest.

I like to infuse that tiny standstill with the seeds of everything I’m aiming to achieve in the next twelve months.

My plan for the remainder of January is to enjoy the planning of this year’s writing and professional goals, organising some holiday time and strapping myself for what I hope will be a truly fabulous year.

Here’s to a great one!

L. x

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Louise Rotondo