March Update

Happy St Patrick’s Day

I realise she isn’t technically a leprechaun, but she is super cute and I couldn’t resist. In the way of all writers, I’ve chosen to go with a slight twist on the normal state of affairs!

The turn of the seasons is a busy time. For Australia, we’re coming out of summer and into autumn. The air is cooling down, nature seems to start slowing to get ready for the rest period of winter. There seems to be so much to do in the garden, and equally as much dealing with the abundance from the garden: jams, chutneys, freezing things to make the most of all that has been harvested.

The days are getting shorter and towards the end of March the equal point of light and dark will arrive. After that, it seems nature flips a switch and the hours of light quickly become less. For those in the northern hemisphere, the opposite will occur, which is equally exciting.

St Patrick’s Day coincides with a general period of celebration, either for the summer that’s been, or the one that’s on the way.

To all of our Irish friends, to those celebrating Irish ancestry and those who enjoy celebrating St Patrick’s Day – have a fabulous time enjoying whichever aspects you choose.

Until next time, take care.


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