May Writing Update

Website update is nearly finished – Yay!! It’s starting to come together nicely.

The most exciting news this month, for me anyway, is that I’m back writing. Once I get out of the habit it’s a hard one to get back into. Surprisingly, I’ve made good progress on the second book in the Bridesmaid Collection, Addy. I had intended to finish Discovering Ellie, but it hasn’t happened that way. Rather than argue with myself, I’m just going with it. It’s not the first time I’ve changed the order that books get released.

The weather in South East Queensland has been horrendous this year – we’ve just had our third round of flooding since the year began. Fortunately I’ve been spared personally from flood damage, but weeks of rain with the gusty Toowoomba winds behind it has meant that everything outside is damp, mouldy and smelly. Once it dries out a clean up is definitely in order.

Torrential rain has also thrown my vegetable plantings right out the window, so there’s another job once the sun manages to come out for longer than a couple of hours.

It’s not all bad though, being unable to go outside has made sitting in front of the computer way more attractive and writing is getting done 😉

Take care.

L. x

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