November Update

November Update

It was with a heavy heart that my family and I attended the funeral of a close friend yesterday. I was pleased for her sake that she didn’t face a long, drawn out illness. She was vibrant and active and would have hated that.

Selfishly though, I wasn’t ready to let go.

On September 14, 2013 as removalists were hauling furniture into my new home, a diminutive woman rapped on the door and invited me over for a cuppa, thoughtfully knowing that my kettle was in a box marked ‘kitchen’.

And so began a ten year friendship during which time Pam volunteered to edit my novels. For those who read the acknowledgements, you will have noted her name there several times. When it came to grammar and expression, we argued, we laughed but in the end I like to think we produced a good product.

Pam, you were fiery and courageous with an irreverent sense of humour. And whilst your coffee was strong enough to stand a spoon, I will miss our morning tea catch ups.

They say all dogs go to heaven and I like to think of you seated on a giant couch, surrounded by all those you cherished.

I saw a joke this morning related to the Oxford comma. You would have loved it. I thought to send it to you, then I remembered. It brought a smile and a tear. I hope I smile each time I encounter something that would have brought a smile to your face.

You will be missed and remembered with much love.

L. xx

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