October Update

October Update

Time to Flourish!

The weather here is always unpredictable at the change of seasons. It warms up, then it cools down again. Then we get a temporary heatwave and the winter sheets and blankets come off the bed before another late cold snap comes through.

Everybody ends up confused, including the wildlife and the plants. They crack on with things, only to be hit by what seems to be another round of winter. I notoriously choose the wrong clothing each day and am left sweating or shivering.

Around the middle of October things start to even out and it’s full steam ahead. The bees have been super busy. The lizards are all out basking on the warm stones. I start to make my way warily around the garden. I love our blue tongue lizard, or possibly lizards, but they’re large and quite confronting to happen upon if you’re not expecting them.

Frogs are breeding in the pond. The birds are fluttering after each other like mad things. I can’t wait for the hares. Last year our hares brought their young with them and I can’t wait to see their offspring for this year.

October is the month where everything seems to flourish. Hopefully that will apply to my writing as well. I’ve started to ramp it up, so hopefully I’ll have some news on the Addy front, and possible regarding Ellie as well.

Stay safe and for those embracing Halloween at the end of October, enjoy!

Take care.

L. x

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