October update

October update

The roses are going crazy! I’ve positioned my desk so that I look out at the rose garden and at the moment it is gorgeous. The weather seemed to go from zero to thirty (celsius) overnight so it’s out of the winter clothes and into the summer ones.

We have three hares that visit and they’re coming to the garden frequently. We also have a resident blue tongue lizard who can be found sunning himself (or herself, bit hard to tell) in the rose garden. Quite confronting the first time I encountered him as they’re quite large.

No progress to report on the writing front – I need to knuckle down and get it done. I’ve found a great source of visual inspiration, which I need, so hopefully that will help getting down to it much easier.

Halloween kicks off the busy, social months at the end of the year, so take care and most of all enjoy.

L. x

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